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What does the Minecraft+Gameband allow you to do with your Minecraft games?

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If you are a Minecraft fanatic, chances are you have many different Minecraft worlds currently being played. Worlds that could disappear if your computer has problems or suddenly crashes.


The thought of losing games they have spent hundreds of hours playing in is why many Minecraft fanatics are now buying a Minecraft+Gameband. These gaming wristbands have so many awesome features, including protecting your games, you may want to consider buying one too.


Take your Minecraft worlds with you — If you wear a Minecraft+Gameband every time you play the game, your worlds are automatically saved both to the wristband and to its cloud storage system.


When you move to a different computer to play the game, your worlds are automatically uploaded to that computer so you can continue playing where you left off. All you need to do to activate the process is to plug the Minecraft+Gameband into a USB port and set it to upload your worlds.


The cloud storage of all your Minecraft worlds also means you will never run the risk of losing them again.


As just about every Minecraft player knows the pain of spending hundreds of hours building a world only to lose all of it when their computer crashes, this built-in cloud storage system is superb.


Installing and using mods — Most Minecraft players use mods in their games as the base game’s graphics are not very pretty, and the game lacks features mods can add quickly.


The problem with this is, if you move to a different computer to play, you then have to find the mods you were using, download them again and install them. This all takes time away from actually playing in your Minecraft world.


Wear your Minecraft+Gameband when you play, however, and the mod launcher you use and all of the mods in your game can be downloaded to it. Then, when you move to a different computer, just plug your gameband into the USB and let it install the mod launcher and mods.

You can be playing your usual modded Minecraft game within minutes afterwards.


Exclusive Minecraft maps — If you enjoy maps that are being played by popular YouTube Minecraft players, buying a Minecraft+Gameband can also give you access to some that are exclusive to the gameband.


These maps have been put together by popular players like Seth Bling and Dragonz. Install them into your Minecraft software via the gameband, and start a new game based on an exclusive map in minutes.


Each gameband holds a large amount of information — You can store hundreds of different worlds on a Minecraft+Gameband, and on the cloud storage that comes with it.


This is due to each gameband coming with 8GB of space, so there is plenty of room to store every world you have made since you started playing Minecraft. That goes for all the mods you use as well.


Why is the Minecraft+Gameband so popular? — The gameband has caught on with serious Minecraft players in a big way. Players who have been complaining for a long time that, if you can easily download a copy of your Minecraft game every time you buy or use a new computer, surely your actual Minecraft worlds should be saved at the Mojang website as well?


With the Minecraft+Gameband, however, you never have to worry about losing games again. Everything you do in Minecraft is automatically stored on your gameband and in the cloud, as long as you wear it when you play.


All your data is also easily retrievable by plugging the band into the computer you are using via a USB port.


For people who play the game on more than one computer, or those that constantly worry their computer is going to crash and they may have forgotten to save their current game elsewhere, the Minecraft+Gameband is perfect.


In fact it could not be easier to use, as wearing the gameband is all you need to do to make sure you are backed up and protected in every game you play.


With prices for each gameband being extremely affordable as well, especially for the peace of mind it provides, every serious Minecraft player should definitely own one.

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