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What you need to know about orthopedic dog beds

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Does your dog suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, or muscle pain due to an accident or an injury? Does he seem to be finding it uncomfortable to sleep in the dog bed he currently goes to bed in?


If so, and you have not yet bought him an orthopedic dog bed, making sure the bed you buy includes these things should help you choose the correct one.


Does it have the right support? — An orthopedic dog bed should provide your dog with the support his usual dog bed does not.


This support usually comes from having an interior made from memory foam and then covered with a comfortable fabric. While memory foam will definitely provide your dog with the support he needs as it molds itself to his body, a memory foam made from gel will work even better.


A gel foam will not only provide him with the support he needs but it will also cool off your dog while he sleeps. This is perfect as during the summer months he will stay cool but, during the winter months, the gel foam will keep an even temperature allowing him to stay warm.


Is the fabric soft and comfortable? — Remember it is not just the memory foam that is important when buying an orthopedic dog bed. It is also the fabric the bed is made from that will have an impact on if your dog can sleep.


A soft fabric that is gentle and comfortable on his skin will allow him to sleep, even if he is moving around a lot during the night.


After all an older dog will usually end up with thinning skin, just like a person does as they age. That skin can easily become chafed or sore due to repeated contact with a rough or irritating fabric.


Choose a bed with a soft fabric that is gentle on his skin, however, and he will get a comfortable rest every time he heads off to his bed.


Is the bed waterproof? — Older dogs do sometimes lose control of their bladders as they sleep, or they simply cannot hold their urine as long as they could when they were younger.


Buying an orthopedic dog bed that is waterproof is a good way to make this not a particularly important issue.


A waterproof bed will not allow the urine to soak through into the memory foam or the fabric that comprises the bed’s surface. It will also enable you to wash the bed quite easily every time it becomes wet.


This alone will save you having to buy a new dog bed every few months if your dog’s during-the-night incontinence worsens.


Is it the right size for him? — Even though your dog has arthritis, it does not mean he wants to lie down or curl up every time he goes to bed. He wants to be able to do both when it pleases him instead.


Make sure the orthopedic dog bed you buy allows your dog to curl up, but also allows him to completely stretch out on days when his arthritis is not as severe. Make sure it also has an area where he can rest his head if he does not always want to be laid out flat.


How much can you afford to pay? — You can pay well over $1,000 for an orthopedic dog bed or you can buy one for under $100. In most cases, however, it pays to buy something that is priced somewhere in the middle according to Wauwaubetten


This will allow you to buy an orthopedic dog bed that has the features your dog needs, without breaking the bank. It will also make sure he ends up with a nice bed, without it being made from a cheap Chinese fabric that smells strange and gives off a toxic chemical.


Do your research on any beds you are thinking about buying before you purchase one. Read reviews, compare features and prices and make sure it includes all of the above features.


Then choose something that will suit your dog and allow him to sleep comfortably and without pain, without putting you in the poor house.

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